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Re: Anasazisaurus

If there has been any movement on the status of _Anasazisaurus_, an update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Still extinct, I'm afraid.


From the D-Files...


This is a gryposaur from the Late Cretaceous of New Mexico, based on a skull formerly referred to Kritosaurus. The three North American gryposaur genera (Gryposaurus, Anasazisaurus, Naashoibitosaurus) can be distinguished from each other by the conformation of the nasal arch, and certain other details of the skull. In Gryposaurus and Naashoibitosaurus, the accentuated nasal arch ends terminates in front of the orbits. In Anasazisaurus, the nasal arch extends posterodorsally all the way to above the orbits (Hunt and Lucas, 1993). In this genus, the back of this nasal crest folds under itself, creating a small cleft between the crest and the skull roof.


Anasazisaurus horneri

Genus: Anasazisaurus Hunt and Lucas, 1993
Species: A. horneri Hunt and Lucas, 1993 (type)

BYU 12950 (holotype): Partial skull, missing anterior rotrum and posterodorsal portion.
Horizon: Kirtland Formation; Late Cretaceous (Santonian-early Campanian).
Locality: Kimbeto Arroyo, northwest New Mexico, United States.

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