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Does anyone know what the earliest skeletal record of _Iguanodon_

I have the Wealden ornithopods _I. fittoni_ and _I. dawsoni_ as the earliest _Iguanodon_ species. They both come from the Wadhurst Clay (division of Hastings Beds) of East Sussex, England. I have this dated as Valanginian, but I could be wrong on this score. I find Wealden stratigraphy very confusing.

The other _Iguanodon_ species - _I. anglicus_ (?nomen dubium), _bernissartensis_ (incl. _orientalis_), _atherfieldensis_, _lakotaensis_ - I have as Hauterivian or younger.

I am aware of the 'Garden of
the Gods' specimen (Bakker 1998).

Based on Bakker's brief description, this does not look like true _Iguanodon_.

Hope that helps.

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