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Re: how to get theses

In a message dated 4/10/00 5:26:12 PM EST, mickey_mortimer@email.msn.com 

<< I was wondering what one has to do to get unpublished theses of
 paleontologists, if it's allowed at all.  People are often saying "according
 to the unpublished thesis of ...." and usually it's pretty interesting
 sounding information.  Can you just call the person up and ask them for a
 copy?  Thank you in advance. >>

Many theses (though not all, of course) are available from University 
Microfilms International (or whatever they call themselves now) in Ann Arbor, 
Michigan. They sell bound photocopies (photographs reproduce poorly, but line 
drawings come out fine) and I own about a dozen. Incidentally, although 
dissertations do not count as publications with respect to new taxa (and many 
dissertations describe new taxa, with names and everything), once a 
dissertation is filed with UMI, it acquires an unlimited distribution 
(anybody can purchase a copy) and as far as I can tell qualifies as a bona 
fide publication under ICZN rules. The dates for any new taxa in such 
dissertations, for purposes of priority, should be taken from when the 
dissertations are first offered for sale by UMI, generally a year or two 
after the dissertations are completed.