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Re: Bambiraptor

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Dear Caitlin,

I had the pleasure of attending the symposium on dinosaur-bird evolution in
which bambiraptor was first put on display to the public. Mr Feinberg was
pursuaded to purchase the specmen so he owns the fossil.He was also
pursuaded to loan it to the Graves Museum where , I believe, it will be on
display for a very long time. What they are trying to do is to raise money
for the Graves Museum, which they want to become a first class museum
rivaling similar museums in other states.

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> Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> >>*B. feibbergi* honors, on the species, an investor
> and the owner and financial backbone of the project to
> describe and control this potentially important fossil
> specimen<<
> My mistake. I had it in my head that Feinberg was the sir name of the
> that made the find, but that was, of course, Wes Linster. So . . . in this
> case the species name honors the person who bought the fossil from its
> discoverer, not the discoverer himself.
> Something that I haven't seen addressed here is what the fossils ultimate
> fate is likely to be. I assume that Feinberg retains legal ownership,
> means he retains legal ownership of a generic holotype, a far from
> situation.
> Caitlin R. Kiernan