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Re: Bambiraptor the Magnificent

On Sun, 09 Apr 2000 16:21:21   dbensen wrote:
>>>It has to deal with bambi, as in small! Nothing to do with the Disney
>I thought so too (that the fact that the deer was also named Bambi being an
>unfortunate coincedence), but didn't the describer say that he/she named it
>Bambiraptor because "it's small, like Bambi"?  I don't remember where that
>quote was taken from, but that doesn't matter becuase I'm sure that quote was
>part of a news article that was posted on this list serve.  (also, Bambi isn't
>a Latin word; I looked it up.  That doesn't prove my point, though, it may be

Well, it's not Latin, but it descends from Latin....'bambino' means baby or 
small in Italian.  Even though Babe Ruth wasn't really a skinny or short 


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