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Re: Walking With Dinosaurs

Alien4240@aol.com wrote:
> I haven't seen this series or episode or whateer you call it yet, but I've
> heard some bad stuff about it's accuracy. Is it bad enough that it's not
> worth the time to watch it or is it still fun to just watch and enjoy? Also,
> can I buy a copy of it if I like it (It's showing this Sunday here) and I
> can't get it's taped off my satellite? Thanks

It is, by an order of magnitude or two, the best documentary on
dinosaurs (and pterasaurs, and marine reptiles) ever to appear on
television.  Well worth three hours of your time.

Yes there are a few clear errors (check the archives for
October/November of last year for details).  Yes there are some highly
speculative ideas presented as fact.  Yes the programme does not make it
clear what is known and what is hypothesised.  Despite all this it is a
must watch for anybody with an interest in dinosaurs.

It is, I think, already available on DVD (and VHS in European format). 
You should be aware however that the DVD is the original UK version,
with Kenneth Branagh (Henry V) rather than Avery Brooks (Commander
Cisko) narrating.  It ran in the UK as 6 half hour episodes, and so you
will end up with about 10% more dino footage and no talking heads.  The
VHS also includes "The Making of WWD" which provides some detail on what
is fact and what is guesswork.

And if you don't watch, how will you be able to take part in the
dinosaur list debate about whether dinosaurs were really that noisy,
what Leaellynasaura did during those long winter nights, and whether
baby sauropods were really that cute...