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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #136

The following e-mail addresses no longer work or are incorrect:

veselinka.stanisavac@siol.net (Berislav Krzic)

jpowell@tucbbs.com.ar (Jaime Powell)

ja-wilson3-8@alumni.uchicago.edu (Jeffrey Wilson)

t.tokaryk@gov.sk.ca (Tim Tokaryk)

sherlock@rmwest.com (Tom Sherlock)

If anybody knows the current e-mail addresses for these persons, please let 
me know them. I would like to put the addresses into my Dinosaur Genera List 
corrections mailing list so these people will continue to receive DGL 
updates. Please respond off-list, of course.

Also, T. Mike Keesey notes that the dinosaur species by continent files are 
available at this URL, >not< at the URL in my previous DGL correction:


The previous URL does, however, feature some very well-organized dinosaur