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The Ornithodiran Hypothesis: correction

  Several listers (Spock Jr. and Mickey Mortimer) have
corrected my previous statement that *Sinraptor*
(Currie and Zhao, 1993) had furculae, whereas
*Allosaurus* lacked them, when in fact it was the
other way around. I should have included the subject
of Sin's sternal keel and Allo's lack, and this was
probably what confused me. Pardon, and thanks for the
heads up....

  In addition, though, I'd like to add that Renesto's
(1994) description of *Megalancoaurus* suggests a
chamaeloenid-like habitus for the taxon, and on this
suggestion, I reconstructed Megs in cross-section
showing a chamaeleonid limb posture, equated with the
"split" manus, also present in some phalangeroids
(koalas); but I'd like to know more about chamaeleonid
skeletal anatomy, so if anyone out there can assist me
in supplying some good references (Grzimek et al.
(ed.), 1974, and MacDonald (ed.), 1985, don't help)
and possibly the papers themselves, please contact me
off-list (or on, as it may interest the list in


Jaime "James" A. Headden

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