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Re: Bambiraptor's thicket

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From: Patrick Norton <ptnorton@email.msn.com>
> But, since many on the list remind us to "read the paper", I'm wondering
> when the *formal* proceedings from symposia of this type will ever be
> published?   For example, many of us are still waiting for our copies of
> proceedings of the Ostrom Symposium held over a year ago in New Haven!  If
> the threshold for discussion on this list is that we've "read the paper",
> seems fair to me that the paper is at least published and available to be
> read.
> Why isn't this material published in some form so that it can be
> Pat
    The problems with the Yale symposium papers were mentioned in Fla. I
think that it had something to to with some authors being late with papers.
To alleviate this sort of problem, Honored Person Shugar said that the
proceedings of the Graves Museum symposium will be published in two volumes.
The first should be coming out this fall.....

    P.S.: Warm dino-fuzzies go out to all of the list members who I got to
meet at the symposium - we've got to do that again sometime!

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