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Fw: skin decoration Vs feather decoration in predatory archosaurs

> I noticed that too.  In fact smaller animals (especialy birds and
reptiles) are
> more colorful than larger ones.  I wonder what signifigance that has.
> Dan

Besides the case of baby animals, maybe smaller animals, having an easier
time hiding in small places, and generally being faster, could afford to be
gaudy.  And in the case of those cute lil' frogs, since they're small, they
have a form of defense other than fighting or camoflage, namely poison.

..And maybe the smaller animals don't need to sneak up on their prey?  The
smaller, more colorful birds do not include raptors, as mentioned before;
you don't need to hide from fruit, or seeds, or fish, for that matter.

Andrea Kirk
Undergraduate, Computer Science and Japanese Language
University of Maryland