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BFV (was Re: sites PERIODICALS)

It is doubly unfortunate that not only are some important papers missing
that were published during the years 1959-1980 (I have heard that this is
slowly being dealt with), but that the years 1994-on are not being typed
in to the database (and as far as I know, there are no current plans to do

The BFV is a valuable on-line paleontology resource that is withering
because of a lack of funding. 

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On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Tommy Tyrberg wrote:

> At 01:05 2000-04-14 -0300, João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:
> The Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates is available online at:
> http://eteweb.lscf.ucsb.edu/bfv/bfv_form.html
> Unfortunately the years 1959-1980 are missing. It is searchable by journal.
> Tommy Tyrberg
> >   Is there any site with checklists of issues and/or  articles of JORNAL
> >Joao SL Rio de Janeiro