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Re: skin decoration Vs feather decoration in predatory archosaurs

Reconstructing Colorations of Extinct Species:
    I note that all of the mosasaur and ichthyosaur reconstructions I have ever seen appear to be based on iguana tones. However, large sea animals, including extent dinosaurs (penguins) have color patterns based on functional coloration which is specific to their feeding patterns. Some whales and penguins share black/white coloration (puffins too - divers into schools of small fish). Porpoises and beluga whales are grey and white. 
    How about some reconstructions with function-specific purposes based on what we know about present day sea life.
Gus Derkits

Martin Barnett wrote:

Following the recent on-list debate surrounding the colouration and function of speculated dinosaur plumage, I've taken to looking at my tatty old book on some european birds of prey.  I noticed that all the birds' feathers (with the possible exception of Pernis aviporus, the honey buzzard) were of the following colours: