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Re: State Fossils

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Cheyenne wrote:

> would Hawaii even have a state fossil...?
> I'm not an expert, just a lurker, and I wouldn't think there would be many
> fossils on any of the islands.
> Sorry to sound too ignorant...just curious.

Hawaii could easily designate a state fossil, if they don't already have
one. There are many unique native bird species that have recently gone
extinct on the islands (most within the last thousand years). Their
fossils are found in the soil that lines the floors of small basalt caves.

There is a list of the described fossil birds from Hawaii somewhere on the
Web, but I have long ago forgotten it's URL.  Perhaps one of the
dino-listers that lives in Hawaii could propose a state bird fossil to
their local legislator.  Having a extinct Holocene bird as the state
fossil would serve a dual purpose: it creates a state fossil, and it
increases the public's awareness of the fragility of native island

Birds = dinosaurs.  Hey, an on-topic post!

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