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Re: Feathery Symposium (long)

In a message dated 4/14/00 8:57:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
luisrey@ndirect.co.uk writes:

>  Alan Feduccia (better known among friends as The Hammer Of The Gods) was
>  even trying on a panty girdle to do the 'pterosaur walk'. Unfortunately the
>  girdle was a bit too small. 
For those who thought Luis was just kidding, he was not.  Feduccia donned
a girdle to illustrate a pterosaur with a patagium.  

>  Ornithologist Blues. Every corner of the speech was coupled by a thunderous
>  "Hypothesis Rejected!!" that will keep buzzing our ears for the rest of our
>  lives. He really put the fear of god inside us.
"Hypothesis Rejected!" was used as a refrain throughout the speech.
>  taken the challenge (and win) any of these Titans of the >>"Birds Are Not
>  Dinosaurs"<< camp (brooches included, free if you wore them... of course I
>  wore one upside down so I could read it and repeat it like a Hare Krishna
Larry Martin was giving these pins out, in connection I believe with Storrs
Olson.  Luis indeed wore his pin upside down, and some others had a /
across them such as on a no smoking sign.  

>  mantra) but despite some tension, colossal jibes and the eloquence of  a
>  very serious Robert Bakker, the nervous prudence of a Greg Paul or the
>  coolness of Phil Currie or Kevin Padian, it was Jacques Gauthier the only
>  one that had the equanimity and presence of character to (in very low key
>  style) smash Feduccia and Martin's arguments to pieces. K.O. in a few
>  seconds!
Well, as soon as Jacques got up and said, "Let's rock," we in the audience
knew we were in for a good debate.