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Some thoughts on covering colouring (was Re: fossil fish colouration)

<HPB1956@aol.com> wrote

>...Theoretically this method could be used also for fossils of dinosaurs.
> But I think there's one additional problem: if dinosaurs had some kind of
> "fluffy" integument covering their body, the naked skin underneath
> (IMHO) show any sign of a colour pattern (e.g. stripes). Just think of a
> plucked chicken.
 My Tortoise-shell cat has differently coloured skin representing where it's
light and dark patches of fur are - is this unique to cats/mammals?  Is
there really no way of telling the feather pattern markings with bird skin?
Also, I remember reading where if you shave a black and white rabbit's fur,
the colour it grows back in depends on the temperature where the rabbit is.
Is this true of feathery coatings too?  Lastly, has anyone actually ruled
out the metallic colouring in those fossilised hadrosaur scales or has it
just been assumed they didn't have it based on lifestyle, the need for
camouflage or the usual colour of a big animal?