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The list already exists! Re: State Fossils

Just for everyone's reference and to spare us all  the re-invention of the

we've posted this information pretty reliably for about 4 years now at:

The Sort-of Official State DInosaur List


There are a number of states including New York that are simply bickering in
their legislatures about which (if any) dinosaur to name as an official fossil.

If you want it to move faster, you can always:
a) lobby
b) write lots of letters to various governors, senators, legislators
c) be rich and start a huge public relations campaign
d) make one up and tell everyone that it's official. It's sort of hard to tell
when it isn't

Paul Heinrich and David Blomstrom maintain similar lists. Their URL's are noted
in the Resources section of our list.

Raymond Ancog wrote:

> Steve  Brusatte wrote:
> >My question is this: several states do not have official state fossils (as
> far as I know). These states are: Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa,
> Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Oregon, New H ampshire, North Carolina,
> Rhode Island, and South Carolina. Do any of you know of official state
> fossils of these states, and if so, could you please pass them along to me?
>  Thanks a lot!
> Why not post the answers on the list so I can use them as paleotrivia.
> Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
> Mines and Geosciences Bureau
> Philippines

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