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Re: State Fossils

Thanks for the output of info on state fossils.  I appreciate Ed's posting of 
his URL for a state fossil list.  I know of two or three of them on the web, 
and his is probably the best.

I will be posting one on my site soon, and later today I will post a complete 
list to the group for those who wanted them (I recall a few requests).  

For the list on my site, I am interested in photos, so if anyone has any 
pictures of some of the more obscure state fossils (like some of the crinoids, 
brachs, fish, corals, petrified woods, and dinosaur footprints), I would 
appreciate them.  

For those interested, I already have webpages on some of the state fossils, 
including my favorite, Illinois' Tully Monster.  Check out 
http://www.geocities.com/stegob/burpeetullymonster.html to read more and see a 

And, for those really interested, my series on state fossils will begin in the 
upcoming issue of Fossil News, when I discuss Allosaurus fragilis of Utah.  


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