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Re: Dinosaur-Turkey DNA

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bruceshillinglaw@netzero.net writes:

>        You should have been at the Graves symposium! That's where that 
> presentation was given. I don't know if I'm allowed to say any more on the 
> subject, though, since those proceedings haven't been published yet - 
> proper proceedure and decorum in this situation?

A synopsis was published in Friday's Science, so it isn't a secret.  
"Dinos and Turkeys: Connected by DNA?" by Constance Holden.

"Last week at the Florida Symposium on Dinosaur Bird Evolution in Fort 
Lauderdale, biologist William Garstka of the University of Alabama in 
Huntsville reported that--with expertise from NASA and scientists from 
the Russian Academy of Sciences who have been probing for DNA in 
permafrost --he and colleagues may have isolated a stretch of mitochondrial
 DNA from 65-million-year-old Triceratops bones found in North Dakota".

The DNA match with turkeys caused the suspicious researchers to check
for possible contamination through turkey sandwiches, etc., in the lab and
the field but found no evidence of this.