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Feathery Symposium (more of).

Thank you Mary for translating some of my vagaries... how could I have
forgotten the "Let's Rock" from Gauthier.
With respect of questions by Jaime Headden and Allen, I can say that in
Triebold's presentation the Chirostenotes had the front of the skull more
or less complete and the back was reconstructed in plaster. It is a good
reconstruction, although there was a bit of speculation too.
It is indeed enormous.
Archaeoraptor and the "New Tiny Wonder"(without name up to now) from
Stephen Czerkas are still formally undescribed... we'll have to wait. The
photographs of the presentation showed themin minute detail and the
microscope revealed what could be incipient fused carpals in the hand of
Archaeoraptor... that makes the hand even more avian than Confuciusornis.
The arms are enormous and the upper part of the body belongs undoubtedly to
just one animal. It seems that one leg is the conterslab of the other
(re-positioned in a different way... it is like a puzzle were the wrong
pieces have been made to fit together). The tail belongs to an undescribed
but well recognized dromaeosaur that is still in China.

The tiny arboreal wonder has a third digit that is almost the length of the
first and second put together... almost long enough to have a patagium
a-la-pterosaur... but even if the phalanges were elongated, it still
preserved some flexibility. A weird animal with a primitive pelvis (maybe
because it was a hatchling ). It doesn't have the retroverted pubis of a

Another of the highlights of the presentation was the Bambiraptor skull
drawing silohuetted with added chicken ornaments...loved it!  I might try
that in a future reconstruction.

And that's all I have time for now. My apologies to anyone that should be
in my list of acknowledgments and is not... my brain is in rather poor
shape this days. Where was I?

Luis Rey

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