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strange question

Dear knowledgeble list-members,

Last night I was just thinking and wondering about the differences between 
various kinds of animals and their energy needs. Ofcourse I also ended up 
thinking about dinosaurs. Before I make a fool out of myself (most of the time 
I seem to do that on a 
regular basis; ask my friends, or even better, girlfriend) and post one of my 
'new' theories I need an answer to the next question:
 - do coldblooded animals need the same amount of sleep/rest as warmblooded 
animals do? Or more? Or less? And why?
Maybe this is common knowledge, but I cannot seem to find the answer in my 
personal library. Maybe someone on the list might know or can give me 
directions where to find the answer...
I hope the question is not too simple or something I should have known/could 
have come up with myself, because then the fool-thing has already happened 

Thanks for any answers (even the smart remarks I expect),

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