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Re: Reflections on Recent "Dromaeosaurs"

T. Mike Keeseywrote:

>             `--+--+--*Bambiraptor feinbergi
>                |  |--*Adasaurus mongoliensis*
>                |  `--+--*Unenlagia comahuensis*
>                |     `--+--*Rahonavis ostromi*
>                |        `?-+--*Archaeopteryx lithographica*
>                |           `--+--*Archaeopteryx bavarica?*
>                |              `--Aves

The final clade here should be Metornithes (=={_Mononykus_ +
Neornithes}) or Pygostylia (=={_Confucisuornis_ + Neornithes}), not Aves
(=={_Archaeopteryx_ + Neornithes}).

The recent trend (at least among some dino researchers, particularly at the AMNH) is to call this clade "Avialae" ={_Archaeopteryx_ + Neornithes}. "Aves", however, is limited to the crown-group of modern birds. Personally I prefer Aves = {_Archaeopteryx_ + Neornithes}.


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