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Re: strange question

Dear Bert --

In answer to your question (copied below), I suggest *Animal Physiology*
by F. Reed Hainsworth, Addison-Wesley. ISBN:  0-201-03401-8.  My copy
has a 1981 copyright.  Not sure if there is a later edition.

This book is a classic -- and the author does a superb job of explaining
the variations in energy needs among all types of animals -- as well as
the compensation mechanisms each group of animals uses for these various
needs.  The book also includes extensive lists of scholarly credit
references and additional information references.

If you cannot find this book, contact me off list and I'll be glad to
give you some overview answers to any particular questions you may have.

Roberta M. Meehan, PhD

bert.dol@philips.com wrote:
> Dear knowledgeble list-members,
> Last night I was just thinking and wondering about the differences between 
> various kinds of animals and their energy needs. Ofcourse I also ended up 
> thinking about dinosaurs. Before I make a fool out of myself (most of the 
> time I seem to do that on a
> regular basis; ask my friends, or even better, girlfriend) and post one of my 
> 'new' theories I need an answer to the next question:
>  - do coldblooded animals need the same amount of sleep/rest as warmblooded 
> animals do? Or more? Or less? And why?
> Maybe this is common knowledge, but I cannot seem to find the answer in my 
> personal library. Maybe someone on the list might know or can give me 
> directions where to find the answer...
> I hope the question is not too simple or something I should have known/could 
> have come up with myself, because then the fool-thing has already happened 
> again...
> Thanks for any answers (even the smart remarks I expect),