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Re: Reflections on Recent "Dromaeosaurs"

Jaime Headden wrote:

  Additionally, *Achillobator* has a pelvis that is so
unlike the maniraptoran trend that it may not even be
a maniraptoran (for instance, a propubic process and
proximal obturator process),

This last feature is a very shifty character. Allosaurids and ornitholestids have a proximally-positioned obturator process (they probably retain the primitive condition), but so do tyrannosaurids and ornithomimids. I was thinking that the location of the obturator process may be size-related.

| |--*Adasaurus mongoliensis*

I've read that this specimen is "severely pathologic", but does anyone know how/why?

Just for fun, the misspelling *Sinornithosaurus milleni* has been officially published in a peer-reviewed article, etc., so qualifies as an official misspelling :) [pg. 10, for those interested].

Could you run this by me again...

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