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Nesting with Dinosaurs.

Last night in the US Walking w/ Dinos aired.  The visualization of
of nest robbing by mammals caused joyous palpitations.  But one nesting
behaviour struck me as absurd--I'm surprised no one mentioned it (probably
for fear of setting me off!).  That was the spectacle of sauropods
marching into the forest to hide their eggs, and then leaving
them.  Presumably, the portrayal of this behavior was inspired was by
turtles.  But turtles are small, secretive, the antithesis of
sauropods.  The volume and motion of these creatures would provide a
signal of unparalled amplitude (unless it be the sound of the dinner bell
at oviposition time!), to those who would eat these eggs.  The producers
should have cleared this with me.
        My overall impression of the show is very positive.  We understand
that they are trying to bring the past to life by freely applying
ecological forces on extant creatures to extinct animals.  The only way to
do this is to indulge in heavy speculation.  But there should have been
some sort of disclaimer.  As in: "Many of the events portrayed in this
show are speculative.  For example, though there is no direct evidence for
what killed the dinosaurs, the bolide makes a great story."