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Walking with Dinosaurs

I gather that here in Canada, we got a cross between the American and the
British shows.  We got Sisko's voice, but NO INTERVIEWS!!! That was what I
was looking forward to.  I was disappointed by the "day in the life of"
parts.  Maybe my hopes were too high, but I found the animation
disappointing (yes, it was well done, but I had hoped for better), the
puppets poor, and there was an awful lot of material that was clearly not
about dinosaurs.  I found it very shallow on science, especially since
everything was given as fact, with no differing opinions.  I wish I had
seen the "talking heads".  These would have added some credibility to the
scenes.  I am hoping these scenes might turn up in the making of show tonight.

I taped it, so I will review it again.  Maybe I was just tired and cranky.

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