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Re: Dinosaur-Turkey DNA

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000 21:01:28 bh162@scn.org wrote:

>> "The DNA match with turkeys caused the suspicious
>> researchers to check for possible contamination 
>> through turkey sandwiches, etc., in the lab and the
>> field but found no evidence of this."
(The above is my synopsis through hearing the talk and 
reading the Science article and is not a quote from 

> Another press report probably paraphrased the
> research team by calling it a "near perfect match 
> with a turkey"....hmmmm. 

Dr. Garstka and his team found that the 130-base pair 
sequence from the Triceratops vertebrae and rib 
fragment was a 100% match with a turkey.  They did look
for turkey mitochondrial DNA in other material from
the same site.