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Re: WWD non-dino questions

I hope these eMails helps a little bit.

On January 24, 2000 Dave Unwin wrote to VrtPaleo Mail List:
>Ornithocheirus: 12m wingspan, 100 kilos weight,  the same as in
>Quetzalcoatlus (BTW the animal shown seems not Ornithocheirus, but much
>more Criorhynchus or Tropeognathus)

The 12 m wingspan and 100 kilos weight are based on absolutely top end 
estimates for some very large bits of bone from the Santana Formation that 
Dave Martill and I are studying. I really doubt the individual we have 
actually reached this size, but give programme makers a choice and, 
understandably, they will opt for the most spectacular measure on offer. 

I suspect that Criorhynchus and Tropeognathus are the same thing - indeed 
this is likely to be published on shortly. In addition, I can show that 
Criorhynchus is the same thing as Ornithocheirus, though you will have to 
wait a bit longer for a publication on this. However, thats the reason why 
the big beastie in Walking With Dinosaurs is called Ornithocheirus and looks 
like Criorhynchus/Tropeognathus.

On October 12, 1999 Darren Naish wrote to DML
_Liopleurodon_ in the same episode is a ridiculous 25 m long.. yes, 25 m. Not 
even Dave Martill thinks they were that big (joke Dave:)). I think the WWD 
makers must have taken the maximum size, and then added about 20% (either 
that or they heard the measurement wrong).


Heinz Peter Bredow