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Hesperornithid feathers

I was reading Larry Martin's description of _Parahesperornis alexi_ (Martin, 1984). He mentions that the type specimen (which I believe is still at Kansas University) shows impression of both feathers and "tarsometatarsal scutes". He does not describe either, although Williston apparently illustrated both back in 1898.

First of all, has anyone taken a look at these feather impressions recently - i.e. since the discovery of the "downy" Liaoning theropods (_Sinosauropteryx_ etc). Apparently the feathers of _Parahesperornis_ are quite hair-like/plumulaceous (not surprising, since hesperornithids never flew), but are they preserved in the same way as the Liaoning theropods? Do the integumentary structures of _Parahesperornis_ and _Sinosauropteryx_ (and the others) compare favorably in structure or arrangement?

Secondly, what are these "tarsometatarsal scutes"? I'm guessing that they are the scales on the legs.


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