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>And my number one nit to pick, is that not a darned one of those dinosaurs
>had any speck of feathers.  I understand scientific conservitivism and trying
>to be accurate, but all of those coelurosaurs should have had feathers on
>them, or at least some dinofuzz.

The Ornitholestes has some very suggestively placed quills which could be
viewed as "protofeathers"...also if you look closely at the hatchling
Leaellynasaura they seemed to be covered in some kind of fluffy down.

Perhaps the most startling critter in the series was the Royal Dottyback
(Pseudochromis paccagnellae - that real-life pink-and-yellow fish that
keeps showing up in "Cruel Sea") that displays total fearlessness in the
presence of an ichthyosaur (barely 6 inches of it in fact) and a charging
hybodont shark...