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Nick Pharris wrote:

_Indosuchus_ has D-shaped premax teeth (though I suppose the Tendaguru is a little early to be looking for abelisaurs).

Maybe not. According to Phil Currie, _Piatnitzkysaurus_ is an abelisaur. (I still have it pegged as a basal tetanurine though.)

Anyway, looking at cladograms for the ceratosaurians, irrespective of whether the Abelisauria is the sister taxon to _Ceratosaurus_ or _Elaphrosaurus_, both were around in the Late Jurassic (and both in the Tendaguru), so abelisaurs split off from the rest of the Ceratosauria probably during the first half of the Jurassic (if not earlier). Like basal marginocephalians, we just haven't found them in the Jurassic yet. (Or, for both marginocephalians and abelisaurs, they have been found in the Jurassic, but not recognised as such.)


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