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>From the point of view of a guy who likes to draw dinosaurs, the bar has
just been raised a bit!<

I'm not so sure of that.  In my opinion, the most natural looking
recreations in WWD were of the hadrosaurs and the ambulating pterosaurs, but
even these weren't technically better than Jurassic Park stuff. The flying
pterosaurs in WWD were far too simplistic (no camber to the wing membrane,
for example) and the theropod and sauropod dinosaurs were, well, I'd say too
"rubbery" looking.  The T. rex in particular looked like the animal
equivalent of a helium filled dried prune.

All in all, it is remarkable what can be done with animation.  The narrative
interludes by Dr. Holtz and others were great, but I wish they had been
given more time.