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Iguanodon species

     Got a question for the ornithopod-fans out there, especially those 
     back in the mother country of us Yanks:
     Last September I looked at the foot of the Natural History Museum's 
     BMNH R.1829.  The specimen is labeled in the collection as Iguanodon 
     mantelli.  I'm wondering if this specimen would now be assigned to I. 
     atherfieldensis.  Dave Norman's (1986) monograph doesn't help me much. 
      He suggests that I. mantelli is a junior synonym of I. anglicus, but 
     adds that the latter specimen is based on teeth.  Not much help for a 
     foot guy like me.  I would doubt that Dave's comment means that ALL 
     specimens previously identified as mantelli should now be assigned to 
     anglicus.  So...should I call BMNH R.1829 atherfieldensis?  Anybody 
     got any insight here?