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Re: Nesting with Dinosaurs.

Christian Kammerer wrote:

> On the topic of Walking With Dinosaurs, what was the deal with the
> Tropeognathus (therein called an "Ornithocheirus") having a 40-foot
> wingspan (!). Does anyone know if there is ANY evidence for this genus
> reaching such as large size whatsoever?
> -Christian Kammerer

To which NJPharris@aol.com wrote:

Or, for that matter, for it migrating back an forth to Spain, or for _Iguanodon_ in Georgia, or for _Utahraptor_ (!) in Spain?

In an interview (shown before the airing of WWD here in Canada) with one of the WWD paleontologists (I forget her name) it was pointed out that Ornithocheirus was shown migrating from continent to continent based on the fact that they had found very similar skeletal remains in Brazil and England. So similar were the remains, in fact, that they may be from the same genus! (Sarcastic).

-Jordan Mallon

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