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Re: Ozraptor (was Re: Reflections on Recent "Dromaeosaurs")

Timothy Williams wrote:

<The only coelurosaur that is older is that
therizinosaur lower jaw from Yunnan, China, of Early
Jurassic (Sinemurian) age. But this specimen is said
by some to belong to a prosauropod, not a

  I would like to see a single character that removes
this specimen from referal to prosauropods, or in fact
Plateosauridae (*Lufengosaurus* specifically?). As
pointed out last year by Pete Buchholz, the teeth
possess a strong lingolabial ridge on the surface of
the tooth ascending to the apex, without a distinct
neck (constriction), cingulum, or accesory lateral
ridges, suggesting it is a prosauropod, and not
ornithischian or therizinosauroid, tooth. The presence
of *Lufengosaurus* in the same formation causes some
consideration for taxonomic assignment. Even Xu et al.
(1999) in their description of *Beipiaosaurus*, stated
that the jaw and teeth were not going to be considered
as therzinosaur in affinity, as suggested by Zhao and
Xu (1999). A more consise analysis of the jaw should
be forthcoming, considering what I assume to be a very
preliminary report in _Nature_ that can be emmended in
a smaller Letter.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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