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RE:Walking with Dinosaurs

--- "Simon, Robert (RISI)" <RISI@chevron.com> wrote:

> The show did mention that T-Rex staked out large
> areas at its hunting
> grounds.  Is this true for the Jurassic Allosaurus
> also? 

I guess we have to keep in mind that the program was a
mock-documentary, produced as if we know the way the
dinosaurs behaved -- the better to show them as living

A large hunting area may seem logical for _T. rex_,
but who knows?  That would be quite difficult to
prove, I think.  I'm not sure that any paleontologist
would be willing to make a definitive statement about
any aspect of T. rex's lifestyle, except that it was
terminated by ... something. (Dramatic music.)

I liked the program too, except the way the Discovery
Channel kept trooping all over the program's
impressive imagery, compressing the screen in order
make room for those horrid adverts for their web site.
 I vowed at that point never to visit their website
again.  I mean it.


"I've been ionized, but I'm OK now."


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