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FW: paleonet Apatosaurus

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I've been given a few questions from the USGS's Ask-a-geologists service
and they are beyond my abilities as a molluscan paleontologists.  If anyone
can help me with these questions I'd appreciate it.  Please e-mail me

1.  I have read that Apatosaurus could reach lengths of  69 feet, but how
big were its footprints?

2.  Did Apatosaurus make a sound (growl, hiss,  roar)?

3.  I have read that Apatosaurus would lay a dozen eggs  at a time.  Did
they only lay a dozen in a nest per year, or would they  have several

4.  How many of the young Apatosaurus would  survive?

5.  How many years before a baby Apatosaurus would become  full grown?

6.  Overall, how many types of Saurapods  existed?



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