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Re: Walking with Dinosaurs

At 08:34 PM 4/17/00 -0400, Darryl Jones wrote:
I gather that here in Canada, we got a cross between the American and the
British shows.  We got Sisko's voice, but NO INTERVIEWS!!!

There was a different narrator in Britian? Who?? (I didn't like the American narrator at all -- I think he was trying too hard to sound like George Page.)

... the puppets [were] poor...

Anyone here remember _Land of the Lost_?

... and there was an awful lot of material that was clearly not
about dinosaurs.

I didn't mind that... I find Euryapsids, Therapsids, and Rauisuchians facinating too... In fact, I wouldn't have minded if they had started in the Permian and treated us with computer-animated _Dimetrodon_, _Anteosaurus_, and _Estemmenosuchus_!

I did miss some of my favs., like the crested hadrosaurs.  I'm also sorry
they didn't show any recent findings like _Amargasaurus_ or _Suchomimus_.
Also there were no bird-dinos or furry pterosaurs (They *do* have that
technology now -- look at _Stuart Little_; and even my $200 3D animation
package can at least crudely simulate fur!)   But on the whole I think they
did a fairly good job.

I found it very shallow on science, especially since
everything was given as fact, with no differing opinions.  I wish I had
seen the "talking heads".  These would have added some credibility to the

Well I think this was always meant to be a for-fun "psuedo-documentary"... But maybe (as with _The War of the Worlds_) they should have made this clearer to the unsuspecting audience...

                                                -- Dave