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RE:Walking with Dinosaurs

 Feathers are a very costly thing to render in CG.  It can be done, and very
well, but time rendering = money.  I tried so hard to get feathered dinos in
our movie, and we had done some tests on it, but ultmimatly it was canned
because of costs.
   The series was pretty cool nonetheless, an outstanding effort.  The thing
that bothered me the most was the Tyrannosaur.  It reeked of design-by-comitee.
  "make it look like the Jurassic Park T.rex, but not,  yet like a lion, but
not exactly.  My wife thinks it should have a wider jaw like Arnold
Shwartzeneggar, and my son thinks...and the guy whose giving us money
thinks..."  When it comes to T.rex, everyone has an opinion on what it should
look like.
 David Krentz