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Pack behavior in Allosaurus

<Did Allosaurs exhibit pack behavior?>

Richmond and Morris (1996) proposed that allosaurs from the Cleveland-Lloyd
Dinosaur Quarry exhibited pack behavior based on the fact that the predator:
prey ratio is over 3:1.  They also attribute the deposit to a predator death
trap, so the ratio may be explained in other ways.

They cite 14 clusters of closely spaced tooth bearing elements of various
size classes as evidence for pack behavior.  They suggest that these animals
died together, although they later cite loading and compaction of soft mud
as an agent for disarticulation and migration of specimens.

They also state that the predominance of juveniles suggests young allosaurs
had to hunt in packs to take down camarasaurs from behind (based on one
tooth marked? sacrum).  This also has other explanations.

In my mind, there is no clear evidence for pack behavior in the CLDQ.

Mark Loewen
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Utah
135 South 1460 East, Room 719
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