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New dinosaur books

  Some new dinosaur books out there.
  In stores now, the new DK book on dinosaurs by David Lambert.  As usual DK
does a great job with lots of great art and sculptures.  Good job Luis Rey!
  Also in stores, another DK book, Disney's Dinosaur the Essential Guide.
 Not science, but of all the books on the movie, this one and the Making Of(not
out yet) are the ones to get.  It shows lots of great photos from the film and
treats the dinosaurs as characters.
  Also, this book is a MUST! Go to the web address below and order this book.
 It is on John Lanzendorf's collection and is filled with the crem-de-la-creme
dinosaur art.  This is the Dinosaurs Past and Present for 2000+, complete with
paleontologist's opinions on each piece and how it relates to their research.

   David Krentz