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Hey Everyone,

    For those of you that don't me, my name is Cliff Green, and I'm =
brand new to the list.
    I make My living as a professional paleo artist (And yes, I actually =
am making a  living, at least at the moment.) As a artist that =
specializes in Prehistory widlife, I would like to throw in my two cents =
about Walking with Dinosaurs .
    I can't speak for anyone but myself of course, but the allure of =
dinosaurs, or ancient or extinct animals is based on a child like wonder =
at the magnificence of these critters. Heaven knows that there are few =
material rewards as a paleontolgist other than the great satisfaction of =
working in something you love.
    With that being said, I feel that WWD hits that feeling of wonder =
right on the nose.I think that all in all that the special effects and =
scenery had a way of drawing me into the world that this English team of =
artists was trying to paint. They should be extremely proud of their =
contributions .
    On the flip side, yes its all speculation, and it couldn't be more =
science fiction if it had the old guy in the long white lab coat, the =
ripped shirted sweaty hero, and an overly indowed sceaming girl trying =
desperately to keep from getting eaten by that damned elasmosaur. Again, =
so what. My only real beef was the exceptionally bad T-Rex. It really =
looked like it was sub-contracted to someone's less than gifted =
realative.If you think I'm afoolen' you, Compare it to the Isle of =
Wright Iguanodons. You'd think the Brits had a special affection for =
that particular Dinosaur.


Cliff Green