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To all of you who have written back explaining that WWD did not feather its 
dinosaurs because of lack of funds, I do understand.  My complaint still 
stands.  Why bother making the documentary AT ALL if you KNOW that most of 
the dinosaurs you make, you're making wrong!?

The more I think about this, the more it upsets me because this has now been 
shown on television throughout the entire English-speaking world (and 
probably elsewhere) presented as absolute undeniable fact, yet the shows 
producers knew they were making 1/2 the dinosaurs wrong.

If money was really that much of a concern to them, then why not have it 
narated by some no-name instead of Avery Brooks, or perhaps have it scored 
with existing music, rather than new "classical" mood music... 

It's downright irresponsible for them to produce the documentary without 
feathered theropods and I would have liked to have seen NO theropods rather 
than scaley ones.

Pete Buchholz

"Placerias is not related to dinosaurs"  UGH!!!