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RE: Coati-mundi walking with dinos

>Indeed.  In fact, I wanted to see that scene cut.  An Australian procyonid
>is bad; Aptian/Albian procyonid is much worse!!
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To compound matters even further...according to the companion coffee-table
volume, that egg-thief was supposed to be Steropodon...a remarkable degree
of convergence between procyonids and monotremes.

I don't know what the Sisko-narrative is like, however the one thing that
truly irked me about the BBC edition (and don't get me wrong, this is my
favourite series of all time...) was the scriptwriters' fixation with "huge

"a huge herd of Placerias"..."a huge herd of Plateosaurus"..."a huge herd
of Iguanodon"..."huge herds of Muttaburrasaurus"...I mean, where are all
the "stupendous", "gargantuan", "titanic", "mind-bogglingly big" and
"<bleep>ing ginormous" herds? Nope, during the Mesozoic there was an
unspoken agreement that all gatherings of large herbivores would be
maintained at a static "huge" level...the sole voice of dissension seems to
have been Diplodocus which tentatively fielded a "gigantic herd" in the
Tithonian only to have the entire Sauropodomorpha drummed out of the series
after episode 2...