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MARGINOCEPHALIANS and Triassic times

MARGINOCEPHALIANS from Maleri: Is that published? Are you sure that they are Pachycephalosaur domes? I remember that an armoured basal archosaur was discovered there, could it be a part of that? Colbert and Chatterjee have insisted the majority of dinosaurian lineages had already emerged in the TRIASSIC. In what I have read of their work there is never a strong defence for this position. Could anyone please clarify why they feel so?. Further are there an ongoing attempts to prospect for Triassic faunas that could clarify the early evolution of Dinosaurs. Are there any new expeditions to say Tendaguru being planned? It is strange that after work on the South American Triassic faunas there have been no corresponding investigation in say Sud Africa or India. I would be grateful if any information about Triassic forms is provided.

Also a fair evaluation of Dinogeorge's outrageous ideas can never be done unless the Triassic is investigated. Would it be fair to say that a prediction of his model would be that bird like forms with primitive features should be prevalent or at least detectable in the late Triassic formations?

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