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Re: Some thoughts on covering colouring (was Re: fossil fish colouration)

In a message dated 4/15/00 7:46:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
martin.barnett3@virgin.net writes:

> My Tortoise-shell cat has differently coloured skin representing where it's
>  light and dark patches of fur are - is this unique to cats/mammals?  

It is not unique to cats; pandas, I know, have darker skin where the fur is 
black.  As for birds--wish I knew.

>  Also, I remember reading where if you shave a black and white rabbit's fur,
>  the colour it grows back in depends on the temperature where the rabbit is.
>  Is this true of feathery coatings too?  

I believe you're thinking of Himalayan rabbits, in which more pigment is 
deposited in the cooler areas of the body (ears, nose, limbs).  This is also 
true in Siamese, Himalayan, Birman, and other color-pointed cats.

>  Lastly, has anyone actually ruled
>  out the metallic colouring in those fossilised hadrosaur scales

Now THAT would be something to see!

Nick Pharris