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Re: New dinosaur books

>  Some new dinosaur books out there.
>  In stores now, the new DK book on dinosaurs by David Lambert.  As usual DK
>does a great job with lots of great art and sculptures.  Good job Luis Rey!

Well, thank you David... I'm only partially responsible and unfortunately
it wasn't half as good as I wanted it to be. The problems started as D&K
needed to use old outdated sculptures (as usual... that old puppet T.rex
still makes me cringe). So the results were bound to be unbalanced. I did
the planning of several new sculptures and plan the spreads but had to
fight to get my message through... one sculptor completely ignored all the
new information and sketches and went back to 70's and 80's popular books
to do the restorations. Since everything had to be done in a hurry it was
too late when we tried to correct things.
At the end I was only completely satisfied with one of the sculptors
(Jonathan Hateley, excellent work!) that actually followed all the
information bit by bit (the results were Giganotosaurus, Suchomimus and the
best model I've seen of Caudipteryx until now... it was a poseable rubber
sculpture that I could play with at the studio so it could be photographed
in different postures). Jonathan even followed the color patterns of the
original painting.
Although it was done too much in a hurry, the working atmosphere was great.
I owe a lot to Martin Wilson and Ben Morgan... and of course to David
Lambert that is always great to work with.

A great satisfaction was that I managed to get in a little snapshot of my
McGrady/Rey feathered Velociraptor. He became a star for a day.

And I also agree that the Lanzendorf Collection  book is really a must.

Luis Rey

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