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Re: Little extinction idea that I whipped up....

On 18 Apr 2000, Caleb wrote:

> Maybe, the whole predator/prey, survival of the fittest thingy got too tough.
> They adapted too well, and evolved to be too tough. In doing so, they whipped
> themselves out.... Just a thought.

There are a couple of extant models which show why this may not have taken
place.  The lynx and the snow shoe hare populations are said to oscillate
in dependence.  A large prey population results in predator increase which
results in prey crash, etc. (Actually, someone told me that the pelt data
was derived from two different coasts, hare from one, lynx from
other.  Anyone heard of that?).  Anyway, you  would have to argue why such
a mechanism wouldn't apply to pred/prey relationships back then.
Now, if there were species which were omnivorous, for whom dinosaurs were
just a part of their diet, this would be a different
matter.  Such incidental predation by mammals and birds (and
dinosaurs!) on dinosaur hatchlings and eggs is
likely to be much more threatening.