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Re: MARGINOCEPHALIANS and Triassic times

MARGINOCEPHALIANS from Maleri: Is that published? Are you sure that they are
Pachycephalosaur domes?

Unless something appeared under my radar, I think the only reference to this was a talk Chatterjee gave at the Chicago SVP meeting, in which one of his slides listed the fauna from the Late Triassic of India; at the bottom of the slide was a mention of new pachycephalosaur material (I don't recall it specifically stating "domes"), and there was a murmur of "Huh?" through the audience. ;-D Hey, Triassic birds, why not Triassic pachycephalosaurs? I guess all those people out there looking in Middle Triassic sediments are just missing all the true _dinosaur_ fossils... (NOTE HEAVY SARCASM)

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