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Re: Flying with dinosaurs?

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Brian Choo wrote:

> In the BBC versions there is a very cool sequence in which the
> "Ornithocheirus" (waa...I keep calling that thing Tropeognathus) upsets a
> nesting colony of Iberomesornis resulting in a feathery gang-attack on the
> giant pterosaur. That was one of the finest sequences in the series...I
> have no idea why it appears to have been deleted from the US version while
> the whizzing Postosuchus was left in place.

Maybe it was there.  I was baby sitting and had to miss some
sequences.  But what I was really getting at was the empty
ecospace.  Birds should have been everywhere.  Perhaps this is a problem
of the show's excellence; the appearance of reality so convincing that
one misses the details present in real reality.

Last thought.  The pterosaurs are so ungainly.  They (their
hatchlings, anyway) must have been easy prey for the more agile birds.
But surely this must apply to nonavian dinosaur hatchlings as well.  I
mean it would be difficult to argue why not.