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Read this if you use Outlook Express

Ordinarily I do not allow people to post virus warnings on the
dinosaur list, but this time it appears that a virus was sent to the
dinosaur list, so I feel honor-bound to inform you.  My current
understanding is that the virus will only infect your machine if you
read your mail with Outlook Express, but if you use OLE, you don't
even have to have opened the message in order to become infected.  If
you are concerned that your computer is infected, please write to me
or Mary and we'll let you know what we know about the virus.  Also
feel free to write to us if you know of the problem and can provide
details.  However, do *not* write to the list about it.  I'm lucky I
let myself send this message...

Your humble administrator,

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)